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So, are you tired of being single and want a companion? We usually read this in matrimonial ads but trust me this isn’t one. Here we are not talking about finding you a companion instead we want you to feel good about being single and want you to notice a few things that aren’t in the lives of those who’ve been hit by the cupid.

We mostly feel like this when we are tired of being alone.

Being Single

And then when we see are friends doing this kind of cheesy and gross stuff, we feel sadder.

5 Awesome Advantages Of Being Single (GIFs)

So, here we have complied 5 awesome advantages of being single for you to go through and then feel blessed about it. 

1.       You can eat as much as you want to and no one will stare at you while you are enjoying your meal.

5 Awesome Advantages Of Being Single (GIFs)

2.       You can enjoy as many bad hair days as possible as no one cares.

5 Awesome Advantages Of Being Single (GIFs)

3.       You don’t necessarily have to worry about your growing facial hair!



4.       You are free to dance weird… anytime, anywhere and trust me no one will be there to judge you.

5 Awesome Advantages Of Being Single (GIFs)

5.       If you your room is all messy and you like it that way then being single is seriously a blessing.


These were our reasons why you shouldn’t hate yourself for being single. Hope you like going through them and if you want to share your thoughts then feel free to comment.

Originally published at Carbonated.tv