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Brace yourselves, Eid is here!

It means lots of celebration for Muslims around the world after a month of fasting. Eid means celebrations and festivities with lots of food, fun, parties, and family reunions, just like Christmas!

Traditionally, people go to meet their relatives on Eid with their entire families. Though meeting all of your relatives is rather a daunting task, but it’s something that you can’t refuse or get away from on Eid! For one, your parents are going to be very upset and angry for the entire year ahead and you don’t really want that!

Keep in mind, we are here talking about typical, traditional middle-eastern and Muslim families.

With so many celebrations, Eid brings its own hectic schedule and can be very tiring as well.

The “meeting the family” part is the most difficult for youngsters who hardly have the patience for it.

Every Eid when you go to meet your relatives there are five irritating relatives who are always there to greet you.  So, guys be ready this time as well and brace yourselves for the inevitable!

Following are the relatives you are bound to meet this Eid (like every other Eid):


1.       The One You’ve Never Met Before:

Eid: 5 Irritating Relatives

Every year there’s this one person in your family who’s the ‘unknown one’. You don’t even know that this person exists!

You look at him and you go like:

5 Irritating Relatives You Meet Every Eid (GIFs)

2.       That Aunty Who Wants You To Eat Everything She Has Served On The Table:


No matter how diet conscious you are, or you’re being careful and not eating much after fasting for an entire month but there’s one aunty in your relatives who wants you to eat, eat and eat. And apparently she wants to feed you everything until you throw and you have to PRAISE her even if the snacks are awful! She serves you food like this:

5 Irritating Relatives You Meet Every Eid (GIFs)

And you are too afraid to NOT eat!

5 Irritating Relatives You Meet Every Eid (GIFs)

3.       Uncle Scrooge:

5 Irritating Relatives You Meet Every Eid (GIFs)

There’s an Uncle Scrooge who’s super rich but doesn’t want to spend his money. As a tradition elders give Eidi ‘some cash as a token of love’ on Eid to the younger ones but Uncle Scrooge doesn’t want to spend his money and you wait and wait and wait for him to give you Eidi but end up leaving his house disappointed.

5 Irritating Relatives You Meet Every Eid (GIFs)

4.       One Who’s Always Sleeping:

There’s this one person in your relatives who’s always sleeping on the Eid day. You go to their house every year and this guy is sleeping each and everytime and you wonder how this person is  always sleeping!

5 Irritating Relatives You Meet Every Eid (GIFs)

And you on the other hand are trying to keep yourself awake!

5 Irritating Relatives You Meet Every Eid (GIFs)

5.       The Dazed Aunty!

Every time on Eid she looks at you and she’s is like ‘Oh my god, you are a big guy now’, ‘You’ve grown older’, ‘ You’ve changed so much’, ‘You’ve gained so much weight’,look at you, you’ve lost so much weight, aren’t you eating anything?’

And there’s just one thing in your mind:

5 Irritating Relatives You Meet Every Eid (GIFs)

And the GIF below sums up your entire Eid day for most of the people.

 5 Irritating Relatives You Meet Every Eid (GIFs)

These were those 5 relatives that are present in almost every family. Hope you enjoyed going through the list just before going through the trauma of meeting them!

Hope you enjoy your Eid holidays.