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All of us want to look smart and feel healthy but usually our lifestyle doesn’t allow us to look and feel the way we want to.

What we don’t know is that fact that by adding only 21 minutes of exercise in your daily routine you can turn into a healthier looking person. Not only that, a recent research has proven that regular exercise can also help you in living a longer and happier life.

Exercise helps you in getting in shape and that we all know but here are some of the other complementary benefits of exercise that we might be unaware of. Check out

1.       It helps in reducing stress and depression:

Benefits Of Exercise

2.       It improves your sleep:

Benefits Of Exercise


3.       It helps us in learning quickly and keeps our brain fit:

Benefits Of Exercise

4.       It is the key to a longer and happier life:

Benefits Of Exercise


5.       Regular exercise will help you age better:

Benefits Of Exercise


6.       It makes you more confident:

Benefits Of Exercise

Now you know, you can look smart, healthy and live a longer and happier stress free life by just exercising approximately 20 minutes a day. So, start today.

Stay happy, stay blessed.

Originally published at Carbonated.tv