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“You work from home! Seriously? That’s like no work at all!” If you hear this from people frequently, congratulations… you are not alone!

The idea of working from home can be relaxing to those who wake up early, dress up and leave for their offices. But those who actually stay at home and work, they don’t find it as amazing as others do. Why? Here’s a bunch of reasons:

1. People would always drop by assuming you have no work to do.


2. And they’d want you to be hospitable too.

3. You are screwed if your WiFi isn’t working or the connection is slow.

4. You stay in your night suit all day and run to change when the doorbell rings.

5. Your fridge is just a step away but there’s hardly anything left inside because you’ve already eaten everything.

6. Your hygiene sucks.

7. And so does your metabolism.

8. Holidays are like every other day to you.

9. Your bed becomes your desk.

10. Your pet’s your only colleague that can also be very irritating at times.

11. You’d want to see people but you can’t because WORK comes first!

12. When you finish your work and call people to meet up, they just wanna go home and sleep.

13. Soon you forget how it feels like stepping out in various seasons.

14. There’s absolutely no online meme that you are not aware of. And people assume you are crazy when you start mentioning them in random situations.

15. Your routine sucks, big time.

16. And like people say, ‘You only have one best friend’… you literally have one and that’s Netflix!

If you are one of us, dealing with all of it and still not giving up… well done dude, only we know how much we hate offices. 😀