Talha, this is the simultaneously the worst and the best truth of your life.


And as mom told me, you weren’t very happy about it earlier… I am sure this also happened:

But I was so adorable you couldn’t help but love me.
306155_3481455847406_612894058_nAwwwwwwww. ❤

I mean look at that adorable face. Cutenessss!

New Doc_1(3)

Now that I am done telling you how cute I was as a baby, I must also tell you that I absolutely love you and miss you and as it’s your 29th birthday, I decided to put together a few things things that I miss the most without you.

So, here we go:

1. Your moments in the spotlight followed by my jealousy and vice versa.

2. Our wordless communication.

3. Your huge hugs.


4. You and mom following my footsteps, specially when it comes to tackling our relatives!

New Doc_8

5. Staying over at Ajjus with you.


6. Our late night TV show marathons.


7. Eating unhealthy and then feeling awful about it.

8. Our usual reaction to anyone’s bullshit.

9. Me never passing up a chance to annoy you.

10. Posing for pictures together.


11. And attending events looking absolutely fabulous.


12. You writing ‘I Love Mithun’ on my forehead with a permanent marker.


13. Our slap fights that always ended up looking like this.

14. Playing scrabble while having popcorn and sheesha.


15. You helping me out whenever I needed you.

16.Our telepathic conversations.

17. Hanging out with friends.
18. At those rare times when I don’t feel like using Google.119. Crying hilariously while watching sad movies.20. Our Broadway-like performances that I regret not recording.

21. Our fights.
e891afd6f90e5776cd97f6fff8374560_650x22. Finding happiness together in little things.New Doc_1

Talha, I love you. You are the bestest best brother in the whole world. I wouldn’t be me if you weren’t there. Sooo blessed to have you in my life.

Happy birthday.