Mother darling, it’s your 55th birthday (OMG) and you still look so pretty, so beautiful. What do you do, take a magic  potion or something? What’s the secret, hunhhh???

You know, I wish I had your looks but instead Talha inherited all the beauty and I’ll envy him forever for a crime he isn’t even responsible for.

Mom, you truly are remarkable and there are things you’ve done for me. So, on your birthday I have put together a few things I really need to express my gratitude for.

Thank you…

1. For being a friend.

You are my bestest pal. I can share absolutely anything with you, without fearing what you’d think. In fact, no secret is a secret without you knowing it. You’d see my face and know what’s going in my head. I don’t have to tell you anything because you know everything already. There’s this weird telepathy going on between us… since ever and I absolutely love it.

2. For showing me the power of lipstick.

Before leaving for any function, I’d put hours in doing my hair and make up only to see you coming in the end, tying a bun and putting on your lipstick. And pooooof… instant gorgeousness!!!!

It took sometime but I learnt.

3. For tolerating me.


My mood swings, my tantrums… you have dealt with all of it. I know I can be really irritating! When other people, close or not, would just care less, you’d make sure that I am alright.

4. For believing in me.

I’ve taken weird risks but you stood by me through every thick and thin. You never gave up on me when I didn’t win. Today, we (me and Talha) are who we are because of you.

5. For supporting me in my decisions

I have always gone for the craziest things, if you weren’t there backing me up, I wouldn’t be half as crazy as I am.

6. For trusting me.

You never stopped me of anything, unlike other over protective parents. You’d let me go on the scariest rides in the park, let me hang out with my friends, let me escape those boring family reunions knowing that I’d be home doing nothing but watching movies! But I did whatever I wanted to.

7. For being patient with me.

As a kid, I would always ask you after 12am for some stationary stuff that I needed the next day at school. Instead of getting mad, you always said, “Sheena, why couldn’t you tell it to me earlier?” and then pick up the keys, leave the house and later show up with the things I asked for. This was just the beginning, the rest is history.

8. For teaching us the value of relationships.

Me, you and Talha… we have a weird bond. Near, far… wherever we are, we know we love each other and everyone else who’s important to us.

9. For giving me Talha.

He is my life, my existence and he’s there because of you.

10. For being there when dad wasn’t.


Thank you for being my mom. For always being there for me. I am so grateful for everything you’ve given me. There’s no way I can compile all of it together. There’s a lot… a lot more than this that I am thankful for.

I love you, mamma.

And this kid’s letter here represents very well how I feel about being your daughter.


Happy birthday :*